District 25 Vice Presidents and Chapters

Detroit River North: Vice President P/C Russ Skitch
Clubs: Detroit Yacht Club, Edison Boat Club, Grayhaven Sail Club, Great Lakes Steel Boat Club, Motor City Yacht Club, Seaway Boat Club and Wyandotte Yacht Club

Detroit River South: Vice President P/C Jeff Upholzer
Clubs: Elba Mar Boat Club, Ford Yacht Club, Grosse Ile Yacht Club, Kingsbridge Yacht Club, Sunseekers Boating Club, West River Yacht and Cruising Club

Detroit River/Canada: Vice President P/C Bill Woods
Clubs: LaSalle Mariners Yacht Club, Sun Parlour Boat Club and Windsor Yacht Club

Lake St. Clair: Vice President P/C Harold Weaver
Clubs:Anchor Bay Yachting Association, Detroit Boat Club, Detroit Yacht Club, Grosse Pointe Sailing Club, Jefferson Yacht Club, Moslem Shrine Yacht Club, and The Shores Boat Club

Clinton River: Vice President P/C Betty Tyson
Clubs: Conger Bay Boat Club, Huron Pointe Yacht Club, North Star Sail Club, and Oakland County Boat Club

Up North Clubs: Vice President Betty Tyson
Clubs: Great Lakes Cruising Club and Port Huron Yacht Club

Anchor Bay: Vice President P/C Betty Tyson
Clubs: Belvedere Boat Club, Bouvier Bay Yacht Club, Clinton River Boat Club, North Channell Yacht Club, Windmill Pointe Boat Club, and Y-Knot Boat Club